Research and development can take a number of forms. We call it a Research, Enquiry Based Learning or Finding out culture.

Research and enquiry based learning enables us to have a means of finding out what works for our children and having a model within which we can experiment with new ideas, building our knowledge base and consequently our confidence and practice in what we do.

STAGE Teaching school alliance is keen to embrace the culture of research and share it’s findings with others to development high quality opportunities and provision for the young people we work with.

Year 1 will provide 6 enquiry based projects to take place, 3 through the Western hub and 3 through the eastern hub.

The model will enable staff in our schools to undertake an area of research within their own setting that will have a positive impact on their own school and that can be shared with others.

We have developed a very simple Enquiry Model;

* what do you want to look at?

* what impact do you envisage it having?

* what is your time frame?

* what is your success criteria?

Each piece of research will be written up and published on the STAGE teaching school website

STAGE Teaching School Alliance is led by
St. Anthony's School, Manor Green Primary School and the QEII School.

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